Business climate: the ACPCE is renewed

The symbolic cutting of the ribbon at the ACPCE headquarters was in charge of the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Crafts and the Informal Sector, Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo. This rehabilitated headquarters will provide business leaders and business creation project leaders with a modern, professional and attractive formalization framework. Regarding the works of this building, they referred to the installation of the tiling; aluminum carpentry; waterproofing and personal; electricity and air conditioning; plumbing and sanitary installations; the painting ; furnishing equipment; The meeting room; the staff cafeteria and dining room; the furniture and finally the presentation of the main façade.

In his words, the General Director of the ACPCE, Dieu-Merci Emériand Kibangou, was satisfied with the work carried out. For him, the development of this building has allowed the Brazzaville-Pool interdepartmental management to have a more serene work space, where the project leader will feel supported with innovative amenities. On the general management side, the space has been redesigned in such a way that it allows central managers and their collaborators to have a decent work environment, in accordance with quality, health and safety standards at work.

“The human resource needs a minimum of comfort for a more productive performance. Better working conditions thus induce a serene professional climate, in addition to reinforcing the feeling of pride and belonging to the structure. This translates into better performance “, said Dieu-Merci Emériand Kibangou

Recalling the importance of a company in the economy of a country, Minister Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo said that the wealth of a country is built by the company and this, regardless of its categorization as micro, very small, small, medium, medium or large . . According to her, according to the results of the business creation bulletin 2015-2022, micro, very small, small and medium-sized enterprises constitute the basis of the economic fabric of the Congo due to their weight and importance. These companies, she said, are the key to growth and a powerful lever for the diversification of the Congolese economy.

Therefore, improving the reception and working conditions of the agency is an absolute necessity if we want to strengthen the attractiveness of our economy. Our consummate and future entrepreneurs should find here a friendly and professional space, conducive to the formalization and development of their company where they can benefit from quality and timely advice and official acts”, said Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo

“I direct you to continue efforts to ensure that other agencies follow in the footsteps of modernization. However, one should not be satisfied with these jobs alone. Above all, this modernity must be accompanied by a new professional culture free of negative values. Therefore, the framework is set so that business leaders and business creation project leaders can use the spaces made available to them without limit. she added.

It should be noted that at the end of this ceremony, the ACPCE asked the government for support with a view to the approval, by the next finance law, of the proposed reforms with the assistance of the actors of the ecosystem and those of the partner. administrations. . It also advocates that the resources provided for the digitalization of procedures are available to achieve the objective that has been assigned to it, namely: the creation of a business in less than 48 hours.