France plans to use blockchain technology for tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The French government’s Olympic Committee is set to host the Paris Olympics in 2024. All while minimizing security risks for fans. As a result, the organization can integrate blockchain technology into its ticketing system and provide the public with personalized, non-transferable passes.

Blockchain ticketing

According to a recent reportthe interministerial representative of the French government for the Olympic Games, Michel cadotsubmitted a report to the French prime minister containing potential changes for the 2024 Games.

One suggestion is a ticketing system that supports events. According to him, licenses based on blockchain technology will provide fans with additional security. According to his plan, the tickets should be non-transferable and sent by the organization a few days before the Games. Viewers will be able to obtain them through a code. QR code rotary using blockchain technology. Upon entering the venue, everyone will be signed in and their tickets will be deactivated.

cadot believe that this customization will bring many benefits for people. In fact, they will be able to receive messages through digital channels about problems such as access to the site from all over Paris or security procedures during Olympic Games. He also believes that blockchain ticketing can be successfully integrated into other major sporting events taking place in France:

“These provisions are already planned for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 2024 and practiced by major events such as the French Open Tennis Championship.

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The possible update comes after last month’s defeat in the Champions League final. (Real Madrid-Liverpool) in Paris. The match was delayed for more than 30 minutes as thousands of British fans showed up. otherwise with counterfeit bills. During the European Football Championships, British fans with fake passes were unable to attend the match. This despite their attempts to breach security.

cryptocurrencies and Olympic Games

However, this will not be the first time the Olympics and the cryptocurrency industry have been linked. Last summer, the Indian Stock Exchange bitbns awarded local Tokyo Olympic medalists with cryptocurrencies. More specifically, each medal the gold received approximately $2,700 in digital assets, the silver medalist received $1,350, and each athlete who went home with a bronze medal received $675.

in the case of the Porcelain, aims to popularize and promote the adoption of its digital yuan. The country was thus deployed during the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. It allows foreign athletes and tourists to use the financial income, despite the concerns of some US politicians.

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