GROUPE PARTOUCHE: Turnover for the 2nd quarter of 2022: 89.1 M – Good recovery of activity at the end of the quarter

billing of twothe trimester twentytwotwo : €89.1 million
Good rebound in activity at the end of the quarter

Paris, June 14, 2022, 18:00 – Groupe Partouche, the European leader in gaming, today announces its consolidated revenue for the 2the quarter of fiscal year 2022 (February 2022 – April 2022).

As a preamble, let us recall that in course twothe quarter of the previous fiscal year “2021 » (february 2021 a april 2021), all French casinos were closed under the general measures taken by the Government to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Abroad, the casino in Ostend (Belgium) also remained closed. The Swiss casinos in Meyrin and Crans-Montana were able to welcome their customers again from April 19, 2021, without a curfew, but in compliance with health restrictions. The casino in Djerba (Tunisia) remained open but was restricted by a curfew from 10:00 p.m. Swiss online gaming, implemented on November 16, 2020, and Belgian online gaming and betting were active throughout the quarter.

A twothe quarter of the current fiscal year (february 202two a april 202two), the Group’s casinos are all openbut continue to have existing health limitations on their care:

  • In France, the “vaccination pass”, introduced on January 24, 2022, remained in force until March 13, 2022 inclusive, limiting access to casinos to customers;

If attendance drops like this (-19.7%) compared to the 2the 2019 quarter (February 2019 to April 2019, latest period excluding the Covid crisis), the average basket increased +20.8% to €89 over the same period (with French GGR down -4, 0%). It should be noted that the fall in attendance has softened since the lifting of the vaccination pass (-13.7% between March 14 and April 30, 2022 compared to the same period in 2019).

  • In Switzerland, the presentation of the “vaccination pass” was lifted from February 17, 2022.

By elsewhere, the twothe quarter of 2022 takes into account effects perimeterme in particular related to:

  • the sale of the interest held in the Crans-Montana casino on January 31, 2022 (GAB of 3.3 million euros as of January 2the quarter of 2019, the casino will be closed in the second quarter of 2020 and for most of the second quarter of 2021),
  • the cessation of the online gaming and betting operation in Belgium and the management of the Ostend casino from July 29, 2021 (at 2the quarter of 2021, GGR in Belgium amounted to €22.8m and €11.5m in 2the quarter 2020).

billing of twothe quarter 2022: 89€.1M

Taking into account the above elements, the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) stands at 148.2 million euros on 2the quarter of 2022 vs. €25.1 million in 2021. Particularly noteworthy is the increase in Swiss online gaming, whose GGR stands at €3.3 million vs. €1.1 million in 2the quarter 2021. After deductions, Net Gaming Revenue tripled to €70.8m (vs. €22.0m at N-1).

In general, the billing twothe quarter of 2022 stands at 89.1 M€, against 23,6 millions of euros in 2021 (x3.8) and 105.3 million euros in 2019, -15.4% less. The offgaming activity generated revenues of €18.7M compared to €1.6M in N-1 (x11.7) and €22.2M in 2019, due to the reopening of all the Group’s activities.

In general, in comparable terms, the sales of the 2the The quarter of 2022 saw a limited decrease of -6.2% compared to the comparable period of 2019 pre-COVID-19.

billing of 1Ahem semester 2022: 187.2 millions of euros (compared to 47.2 million euros in 2021)

At the end of April, the accumulated turnover of 6 months quadrupled and amounted to 187.2 million euros, with Net Gaming Revenues that tripled to 153.4 million euros, in a dynamic climate of business development started since the end of restrictions linked to vaccination. spend. In general, on a comparable basis, sales of the 1Ahem half of 2022 is down -8.5% compared to the comparable period of 2019 before COVID-19.

End of renovation works in Hyères

After a long period of work, largely interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hyères casino reopened in its entirety on Wednesday, April 15. The games room has been completely redesigned and now covers 1,500 m². The outdoor terrace, equipped with slot machines and electronic roulette, contributes to the comfort of the players. Upstairs, a restaurant with a hundred seats, including private spaces, has sprung up. A new entrance, distinct from the casino entrance, was specifically created for the adjoining performance hall.

responsible gaming

In April 2022, the National Gaming Authority (ANJ – validated Groupe Partouche’s 2022 action plan “Prevention of excessive or pathological gambling and underage gambling”, highlighting in particular the ambition and quality of its content, associated with the innovation of certain devices.

As an actor committed to the fight against excessive gambling, the Group’s prevention policy aims to ensure that gambling continues to be entertainment and that our customers of today are our customers of tomorrow.

This quality support is an integral part of our mission. Each of our employees contributes to your success, through their participation, through the specific training courses developed internally and through the numerous tools available.

impact loan

In February, Groupe Partouche signed its first impact loan (or sustainability-linked loan) with Arkéa Banque. The applicable interest rate is adjustable downwards (and upwards within the limit of the initial rate) according to an extra-financial score established by an extra-financial analysis and consulting agency, EthiFinance. The criteria are divided into three themes: environment, social and governance. Groupe Partouche is firmly rooted in its approach to CSR.

Upcoming appointments:

Results of 1Ahem Semester: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, after market close

3 financial informationthe quarter: Tuesday, September 13, 2022, after market close

Founded in 1973, Groupe Partouche has grown to become a European leader in its sector of activity. Listed on the stock exchange, it operates casinos, a gaming club, hotels, restaurants, spa centers and golf courses. The Group operates 41 casinos and employs nearly 3 900 employees. She is recognized for her innovations and experimentation with the games of tomorrow, allowing her to confidently approach the future with the goal of strengthening her leadership and continuing to grow her profitability. Listed on the stock exchange in 1995, Groupe Partouche is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment B. ISIN: FR0012612646 – Reuters: PARP.PA Bloomberg : PARP:FP


1 digits consolidated businesss

in millions of euros twenty22 twentytwenty-one Variation 2022/2021 2019
First trimester 98.1 23.5 x4.2 116.6
Second quarter 89.1 23.6 x3.8 105.3
Total consolidated billing 187.2 47.2 X4.0 221.9
Variation at constant scope vs 2019 8.5%

two– Construction of consolidated billing

2.1 – Second trimester

in millions of euros twenty22 twentytwenty-one Variation 2022/2021 2019
Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) 148.2 25.1 x5.9 168.1
specimens -77.4 -3.1 x24.6 -84.3
Net gaming income (NPC) 70.8 22.0 x3.2 83.8
Billing (CA) excluding NPC 18.7 1.6 x11.4 22.2
loyalty program -0.5 0.0 -0.8
Total consolidated billing 89.1 23.6 X3.8 105.3

2.2 – Accumulated 6 months

in millions of euros twenty22 twentytwenty-one Variation 2022/2021 2019
Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) 290.0 50.0 x5.8 329.4
specimens -136.6 -5.8 x23.7 -150.0
Net gaming income (NPC) 153.4 44.3 x3.5 179.4
Billing (CA) excluding NPC 35.2 2.9 x12.2 44.2
loyalty program -1.4 0.0 -1.6
Total consolidated billing 187.2 47.2 X4.0 221.9

3– Billing breakdown consolidated by industry

3.1 – Second trimester

in millions of euros twenty22 twentytwenty-one Variation 2022/2021 2019
casinos 81.6 12.4 x6.6 96.4
Hotels * 5.1 0.3 x16.4 1.6
Others 2.4 10.9 -78.0% 7.2
Total consolidated billing 89.1 23.6 X3.8 105.3

3.2 – Accumulated 6 months

in millions of euros twenty22 twentytwenty-one Variation 2022/2021 2019
casinos 173.5 24.5 x7.1 205.5
Hotels * 9.0 0.5 x17.4 2.8
Others 4.7 22.2 -78.7% 13.5
Total consolidated billing 187.2 47.2 X4.0 221.9

* As of 01/10/2021, hotel turnover in St Amand, Forges and Divonne has moved to the Hotels sector from the Casinos sector for the first two and from the Others sector for Divonne.

4– Lexicon
The “Gross Income of the Game” corresponds to the result of the different games operated, after the payment of the players’ winnings. This sum is debited from “deductions” (State, municipalities, CSG, CRDS).
After deductions, “Gross Gaming Revenue” becomes “Net Gaming Revenue”, ie a component of billing.