How to Add a Marketing Banner to an Email Signature

It is possible to insert a marketing banner into your email signature through your messaging service or through a specialized tool for managing email signatures.

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Marketing banners in email signatures: a true communication channel for companies. © EAKEAK –

1. Add a marketing banner through your mailbox

Here’s how to automatically distribute your marketing banner in your email signature for every message sent:

  • In Microsoft Outlook: Click new mailThen in A sign (in the toolbar at the top of the screen).
  • In Gmail: go to settings at the top right, click See all parametersthen in the section Signature.
  • In Apple Mail: go to preferencesthen click firms.

For beginners who want to set up a professional signature, they can use HTML signature generators like,, or HubSpot’s Email Signature Generator. This will allow you to generate the HTML code for your signature (text + image) and then copy it directly into your email settings.

2. Insert a marketing banner via an email signature tool

Do you want to distribute marketing banners for all your employees? You can rely on specialized tools for email signature management. They allow you to automatically insert marketing banners according to each commercial team. Your employees’ email signature then becomes a real communication lever.

Some tools also allow you to schedule marketing banners for a specific duration, which is useful when promoting an organized event or highlighting a promotion that has a limited duration, for example. This prevents the spread of a banner in your email signature that has become outdated over time.

Tips for distributing your marketing banners

Some tips to keep in mind for your marketing banners:

  • Once your banner is inserted into your signature, feel free to send a test email on desktop and mobile to make sure the image is displaying correctly.
  • If you’ve added a banner with a CTA, remember to also check that the link works and that the landing page matches the content of the marketing banner stream.
  • For the size of your marketing banner, avoid exceeding the following dimensions: 600px x 200px. Also remember to check the size of your image (preferably less than 200 KB).