“In his administration, Elon Musk has never acted like his Big Tech peers”

LThe brutality of Elon Musk’s management is legendary, and the famous ” you are fired ” released by Donald Trump on the reality show “The Apprentice” suits him. It is through an internal email that the head of Tesla announced, on Thursday, June 2, that he foresees a reduction of approximately 10% of his staff due to his “very bad feeling” about the economic outlook.

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This is just the latest email from a man who doesn’t sugarcoat his ads. A few days ago he indicated that he wanted to have his employees on hand. So he asked everyone at Tesla and rocket maker SpaceX to stop working from home. “Anyone who wants to work remotely needs to be in the office a minimum (and I mean a minimum) of forty hours a week or leave Tesla”With few exceptions, it says in its internal memorandum.

industrial restrictions

It is fair compared to the workers and technicians of the assembly lines, he justified. At his Shanghai gigafactory, he even forced his workers to sleep on site so he could resume production halted for several weeks due to Covid-19. And there is also, according to him,“excellence” products. Elon Musk doesn’t think working from home improves business performance.

Large companies such as Amazon, Google or Apple are returning, after the expectation experienced during the health crisis in Silicon Valley, which was thus experimenting with the tools developed in their laboratories. Only Twitter, coveted by the Tesla boss, wants to maintain full remote working for some of its employees, if CEO Parag Agrawal is to be believed. With forty hours imposed in the workplace, we are far from the hybrid formulas (office-home) that have been developed in technology and financial firms.

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Elon Musk has never acted like his Big Tech peers. This may be due to the harsh upbringing he received in his South African childhood and described by his father, Errol, in a recent interview with Agence France-Presse. And more surely of a reality: considered by the Stock Exchange as a technological value, Tesla is above all a car manufacturer, subject to the limitations of industrial processes and the fluctuations of demand. In Elon Musk, there are as many Henry Fords as there are Steve Jobs.