Internal and external community management in the marketing department

How community manager marketing can benefitto work on improving a company’s products and/or services?

It is interesting to see how Brands are getting closer to consumers.and how he community manager you can broadcast campaigns, when marketing plays a participatory role. This is particularly the case when it comes to working compromise investigation through events that would be purely marketing.

Here we will develop an angle in which the community manager could play an important role for the marketing department.

2 forms of community management: internal and external

We will distinguish here 2 orientations in community management: an internal focus and an external focus that I call the field community management. Internal community management is the way we know today, where the CM works in a sedentary position.

Within the brands and companies, we are moving towards a new vision that consists of meet your community. The interest lies in developing and establishing a trust relationship with its Internet users, without deviating from the main objective; the search for compromise.

The field community manager it is the role that will most likely be effective in a marketing approach as discussed here. The goal is not to deviate from the main role of the CM, but to offer you more latitude, with a radius of action that extends geographically to the location of your community, as well as to physical events.

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Internal community manager

Internally, the community manager continues to manage their community, enhancing their commitment. The joint practice of the internal and the external reinforces it, while creating a relationship of trust. It will focus on the actions to be deployed within social networks; communication campaigns, management of professional pages and all the tasks inherent to his position. Clearly ! performs his work in the company in his job.

external community manager

Externally, the field is wide, and here community management becomes a tool in the hands of marketing. The goal is always to seek commitment to the brand or company we represent, and sometimes even beyond that, as we will see later.

We talk about meet your community and produce content in the field rather than in front of a computer. This will have the effect of consolidate the commitment and to create intra-community link ; that is to say that you allow the members of your community to meet and exchange freely.

Bring your brand and product to life

These meetings will be held in specific settings; meetup-type events, organized meals, company breakfasts or even open days. All of this will create the compromise sought and thereby build trust by bringing your brand and product to life with your community.

From a marketing point of view, it will then be put a product/service at the center and seek to improve or create it, relying on its community.

A new vision of community management opens up, where the field will diversify and to balance The role of the community manager.

All the work of the community manager will consist of bring to life the progress of this product/service, and involve its community until its official launch on the market. So we will start with a community that will be engaged and ready to relay communication operations.

These may include bloggers and/or influential people. If necessary, you should capitalize on it and invite them to participate in your project. The bond will thus be created with trust, through the various encounters.

Knowing how to balance internal and external community management

The internal and the external must be balanced., because here it is not about disconnecting from digital tools and the basic work of the community manager. The richness of the land will offer you a fresh wind, the chance to see something else and skilfully reconcile the human and the virtual. Making yourself known in your community allows you to establish a true climate of trust and human approach.

Balancing internal and external community management

Let’s go search for information in the field, it also offers authenticity to the content that will be created by the CM. Sharing meetings during events and marketing workshops will thus strengthen the commitment and even the family spirit. At this stage, it is not necessary to have a community of several thousand members, although it can be a success factor if it is well managed. However, we would later evoke the duplication of fans in France, for example, and the need to resort to a team of community managers in certain cases.

By mixing the internal and the external, it becomes interesting to use community manager profiles that will eventually have a commercial background. A way to be more comfortable face to face and to sell your project to your community, in this case the project aims to work collaboratively on a product/service.

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Community management at the service of marketing

you certainly know participatory marketing also called collaborative marketing. It is about involving consumers in everything that can revolve around a product and/or service, such as its development, its improvement, its communication, etc.

as part of a conciliation between community management and marketing, you just have to trust your community to work according to this principle. The community manager will pilot workshops together with marketing to work on the offer of the brand for which he works. There is therefore a double interest in a brand; know and involve your community on the one hand and trust it to design or improve a product.

Community management at the service of marketing

The community manager will then continue communication, during the post-launch period. At this stage, the community must represent a sufficiently representative sample to work on a project. It is also possible for your community to work face-to-face or remotely if distance is an obstacle.

This work also builds trust, because the community is directly involved in the eventual development of the product or its improvement. It is also recommended to work in an agile way to be as productive as possible in the minimum time.

The intra-community link between the members of the community should also be raised, because the commitment and welding that results from it, will be put directly to the benefit of community management.

Although it seems more like a marketing approach, we see that it is a great network that is woven where everything comes together. Therefore, it is a safe bet that this lever will be increasingly developed in community management in the coming years.

Companies and brands with several million subscribers

Companies and brands often prioritize loyalty, maintaining the involvement of their communities when managing a considerable number of subscribers. The power of a great community is often demonstrated, but it requires a great deal of activity and availability to keep it active.

Meeting with your ambassadors and Internet users is still possible. We have cases like Michel and Augustin, and many other brands that create meetings to build loyalty and offer fans a real relationship. It is important not to consider the actions themselves as unilateral, but as an invitation to exchange and interactivity.

Field Community Management

In the hands of the marketing department, this approach will therefore be softened by the community manager. Since you don’t have marketing purpose it can be a tool if the profile specializes according to an orientation linked to their training.

The CM will thus be able to set up means to interact remotely and create ambassadors to put them to work within the main cities. A medium that allows to extend the notoriety of the brand through particular events, where the brand would position itself as a partner or sponsor. The latter must remain in control of their communication and image, so it’s difficult to do this fully under the brand unless a dedicated internal team manages all these vents.

Finally, a community, even if it hosts millions of subscribers, will never be 100% active. Only 8-10% of members are active overall.

In conclusion

Bring diversity to the community management profession and alternate between internal and external by meeting with your community. Lean on it to create, co-create and improve, with the help of marketing. Then you will create a longest lasting commitment while building trust. Then it will be much easier to trust your community during the communication operations for the launch of your products/services.

We must remember one thing here, community management has its place in the marketing of a company, because these services can really work together on large-scale projects, and thus build a stronger brand closer to its consumers.

In a participatory work involving the community, one cannot do without the other. Examples like this also demonstrate that experience with the sense of contact is necessary. Community managers with a commercial/managerial profile will be preferred, to adequately communicate the projects (sell them well) and then manage them internally with the support of their community.

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