La Compagnie Bretonne sails towards sociocracy, Management

CEO of La Compagnie Bretonne, Sten Furic does not have his eyes fixed on the company’s balance sheet. “My goal is not to grow to 50% and employ 400 people,” he immediately announces. With their 80 employees and its stable turnover of around twenty million euros, Sten Furic has other aspirations: to continue the transformation of the family business in which he has worked since he finished his studies. Depending on the needs of the company, he navigated between marketing, quality and traceability.

Then, at the age of thirty-five, he resumed his studies in general business administration to prepare for the takeover of the family business. In 2005, her sister María de ella joined the adventure in the human resources department to take over from her mother. “We are in four for a team of forty employees. Therefore, we represent 10% of the teams. It is difficult to carry triple hat family, associate and operative. It is a real apprenticeship”, continues Sten Furic.

smooth transition

In 2012, he took over as CEO. His father stayed with him for two years to secure a smooth transition. “I raised the issue of succession. he is a family shopper legit or not ? I had to take possession of the address and project myself towards my own future. » Production, marketing, distribution, the main strategic directions of La Compagnie Bretonne have been maintained.

What Sten Furic wants to change is corporate governance. “There has never been a centralized power, but we wanted to go further. It will be the sociocracy, that organization that involves all the employees of the organization. “We are reworking the notion of leader to promote collective intelligence. Decisions are made by consent after discussion,” he explains.

New organization in three committees

First application of this new governance: the transfer of the factory. Just a few months before the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, La Compagnie Bretonne changed locations to increase the production capacity of its industrial tool. To organize the move, he and his sister Maria de he gather a dozen management representatives to present the action plan. “My initial proposal was well shaken! he smiled. Observing dysfunctions and making decisions together allowed me to express my doubts. It set me free in an incredible way. »

In November 2020, it formalized the new organization by creating three committees: commercial, HR and industry. At the same time, the Covid crisis must be managed. The company is going through a air pocket with a contraction of 20% in billing. “Sociocracy has streamlined the flow of information, communication between the various committees, and has made decision-making easier,” she says with satisfaction. Without fully regaining its cruising speed, the company began to raise the bar in 2021.

Meetings and festivals

now it’s in the CSR that he and his sister concentrate their efforts, with the opening of a reception area for the public, especially for schoolchildren. The duo also wants to bring art and culture to the new auditorium by organizing gatherings and festivals.

“The next big project will be theenvironment : reduce energy consumption and recover mackerel trimmings, announces Sten Furic. You have to be proud of what you do. When you work 40 hours a week, you have to walk away with more than one salary. »